The North Coast Advisory Council is an advisory body created by San Luis Obispo County to provide input to the county supervisors and administration. The primary focus is on land use and traffic and circulation. The meetings provide a community forum to address a variety of issues. Member 2014-present, chair 2016.

Cambria established a Buildout Reduction Program in 2006 as a growth mitigation measure. The objective of the Program is to establish a process that limits community growth while respecting the rights of property owners. A new Citizens’ Committee was established in 2016 to update and revise the plan and make recommendations for full implementation. The committee will continue in a public oversight role once the revised plan is in effect. Member 2016-present, chair 2016

The Fiscalini Ranch Preserve is a coastal treasure of more than 400 acres of open space located in the heart of Cambria. The preserve is owned by the Cambria Community Services District and a conservation easement is held by the Friends of the Fiscalini Ranch Preserve (FFRP). The easement assures that this community will remain an undeveloped open space forever. Board member 2016-present.