Posting 12/9/16

I never thought there’d be a reason to set up a personal website. But then, I’m the guy who thought a 100 MB disk drive would meet my needs forever. And I worked in tech, for a data storage company at the time. Once the guys in the back room figured out how to connect computers, and pass messages back and forth, they broke loose from being mere calculation tools to being communication tools. There’s nothing new or interesting about that observation. But it is interesting to consider how important communication really is to us. We don’t live in isolation, nor do we seek to. The written word, the sound of a voice, an image still or moving — all these link us together.

Our challenge, despite how easy communication has become, is to create meaning. Just because communication is easy doesn’t mean it should be trivialized. Over the last two-and-a-half years, I’ve had the privilege of meeting weekly with a group of writers — the Rough Writers. We are writers: writers with a variety of interests, varying styles, various objectives, etc. The one thing we have in common is a desire to communicate. That act of communication is important to the group, not a trivial exercise.

So that’s the reason to set up a website. Whether I have zero or a million followers (more likely the former), this website is a vehicle to promote the book I’ve written, books I hope to write, and thoughts about writing.

Thanks for reading.

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